COVID-19 Safety Actions

We will be reopening on May 31,2020.  Each family will need to decide what is best for them at this time.  Please do not feel pressured to come.    Below are actions we are taking for the safety of all.

1. We will be recording the service and sending it out after for those that aren’t comfortable attending at this time.

2. Wes will be preaching from the stage so that he is further away from the congregation.

3. All trash cans will have the lids up or off.

4. Pews will be marked off to ensure social distancing.  Please one 1 family per pew.

5. Wear a mask if you would like to but they are not required.

6. Signs will be posted throughout the building about social distancing and hand washing.

7. We suggest doing a temperature check at home before coming to church and please stay home if you feel sick or have symptoms.

8.Someone will be posted at both entrances so you won’t need to open the doors to enter.

9.We ask that, if you are able, to only use the  main sanctuary door for entry and exit.    The social room entrance will only be for those who are unable to use the steps.

10.After each service surfaces will be wiped down.

11. At this time there will not be any children’s classes.  We will provide activity pages.

12.At the end of the service, exit one row at a time out the main sanctuary door to the parking lot unless you need to use the ramp entrance.

13.The hallway will be one person at a time. Stop and check if anyone is coming from the other direction before using the hallway for restrooms.

14.Coffee and water will not be available.  Bring your own.

15. Sanitizer wipes are available in each restroom to wipe surfaces down when you are finished.

16. Hand sanitizer will be available at each entrance, inside each classroom and at the door from the social room to the hallway.